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Hi from the road! || Blog December, 5
    I am having some time off in Lahti before we leave to Keuruu, Finland.

    I will have my last Christmas concert in tonight. It’s been quite cold in Finland during these last days, but also it’s been just wonderful to sing these Christmas “carols” again with Kalevi, Markku and Marzi.
    This group of people really enjoys performing together, but also we like to share time together. I wonder how it is possible that I have such lucky stars upon me? It’s a true blessing.

    As you might have realized there is another musician with us this time. Her name is Mervi Myllyoja and she plays violin wonderfully. It has been an unexpected addition just a day before the first concert, thanks to Kalevi. I am grateful to have her with us. Violin brings a beautiful colour to our line up and there are several different options for new arrangements of the songs we are performing. Only sky is the limit!

    We started the Xmas tour in Oulu, northern part of Finland. A short rehearsal was needed.

    Last time I performed in Oulu was many years ago, so it was really nice to return there. I needed to buy a new winter coat, since the temperature went down to -22° on the first day!


    Always many fans of different ages are waiting to meet us after the concert and it is always a pleasure to meet them when it is possible.

    Next concert was in Kuopio where I was studying music in Sibelius Academy. Can you imagine that Kalevi and I share the same organ teacher!!!! It was so incredible to talk with him about our school times when we were travelling through the winter wonderland in our van.


    I wouldn’t even dare to jump in front of the organ again and play…I leave it for the ones that are born with it. Kuopio concert was really important to me, since I had never sang as a soloist in the main church, but only dreamed about it many times. As in Oulu, the church was full of people! Lovely.

    We had the chance to use the church organ for some of the numbers and I sang from the balcony.

    After Kuopio we travelled to Pori. The church of Pori is amazing, like a real cathedral.

    I should not forget to mention the organ of the church. Kalevi says it’s the best organ in Finland.

    The acoustics were wonderful and the people in Pori were really excited about our performance. It had been again too many years since I performed in Pori last time. I know the next time won’t take that long.


    Lahti concert yesterday in Sibelius hall was really a pleasure. People came to thank me and told me that the atmosphere in the concert was warm and very emotional. That is exactly our goal, to reach people with the Christmas feeling.


    Next year we probably will have two concerts in the same place, since many people was left out this time. Sorry about that. Lovely audience, lovely performance.

    Today we’ll head to Keuruu and that will be the end of this Christmas concerts.
    We are planning 2011 Christmas Tour already! :)

    I will be anyway staying in Finland since there are few rock shows to come. My band is going to arrive tomorrow, on the Finnish Independence Day to Helsinki and soon it’s going to be the time to rock again with them. Starting from Hämeenlinna!

    I also wanted you to know that I have been following some amazingly well organized Winter Storm fan clubs web pages for some time now. It’s been great to see how well they function and how accurate they are. I want to thank all the people who are behind these pages.

    If you are still not a member of any of the fan clubs, you should ;)

    I read that the video for Until My Last Breath went to the top in MTV Brazil and that you are actively voting in every place that you can to make me be there.

    Thank you once again! :)

    And all you who have created a fan page for me

    There are more each day and is so nice to go through them.
    Thanks for the support, time and loyalty. I feel that I am not alone.

    With love, Tarja
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